International Competition

to mark Earth Day - 22 of April

Giant Cristals Hall - Earth and Man National Museum

Time Period
  Competition is open to the public and takes place annualy since 1993

The Minister of Environment and Waters of Republic of Bulgaria

Giant Cristals Hall at The Earth and Man National Museum in Sofia, Bulgaria

Goals and Aims
The main goal of the Competition is to stimulate young talents to create and perform a music dedicated to the Earth and its survival. By their art they will support the formation of a new moral attitude towards Nature, regarding Man not as a sovereign but as part of Nature, aware of the fact that both the present and the future generation have equal rights to use it as a living place and a source of raw materials and energy.
The International Music and Earth Competition provides a fine opportunity for young performers and composers to take an activ part, by the means of their art, in the worldwide movement for building up a new world, sustanaible through environmental development, in which people will live in harmony with Nature and with one another.

2050 yuong musicians from Bulgaria, Japan, Russia, Greece, Macedonia, Switzerland, Turkey, France, Germany, Korea, USA, Ukraine, Cypres, Belarus, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Finland, Taiwan.

Activities - National and International
Annual issue of The Competition.
 CDs of The  Green Angels Collection, with performances of the prize-winners.

Concert tours of the laureats
In Bulgaria, Greece, (Santorini Festival), France (Paris Philomuses; Sully Sur Loir Festival), USA (Arcady Music Festival, Maine 1996), and Russia (Golden Ferry Festival, 2001 and 2002, Sochi).

The Competition was presented:
At the exhibition during the day of The Bulgarian Culture for Sustanaible World at Counsel of the Europe in Strastburg 1996.
   At the Permanent representation of Republic of Bulgaria in the United Nations, April 2000.

International Media and Magazines
Northeastern Broadcasting, USA
   Radio Bar Harbor, Maine, USA
   Juilliard Journal, New Jork, USA
   Ellsworth American, Maine, USA
  "Chopin", "Lesson no Tomo", "Musica Nova", Tokio, Japan;
   Revue Periodique, Paris, France
   Henry Lemoine,
Paris, France
   Bulgarian National Radio and TV

Other Events
  Arts - for the Earth Festival
  Masters classes
of the jury members
  Competitions for English, French, Swiss and Spanish Music


The entire organization of the Competition including financing, advertising and administration is made possible by its Organizational Commitee, President, Artistic Director, and Secretariat as well as by members of Earth and Man Foundation who provide the Green Angels Center with annual support

The funds for the Competition are accumulated from subsidies, donations and sponsorship