International Competition

to mark Earth Day - 22 of April


“There are ten happy editions of Music and Earth Competition. Happy for the young talents, because the Competition “opened doors” for them, to prestigious concert stages and music publishing houses all over the world. 

I dreamed for such a Competition, where the young musicians would not think for their purely technical passages, but for the pure spiritual messages, born by the music. Within the framework of the aforesaid competition and the Arts for Earth Festival , more than 129 first musical performances were heard both, young and eminent composers from Bulgaria, France, Britain, Switzerland, Japan.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to all adjudicators, as well as to our laureates, friends, institutions and companies, which rendered their support to the Music and Earth Competition, sharing its noble ideas and the trust in creative talent of young musicians. 

And also, this Competition could have happened only in Sofia, in such temple like the Earth and Men National Museum.”

Prof. Jenny Zaharieva
Founder and Artistic Director

“You, Green Angels of the ailing planet - Nina, Svetoslav, Koki, Sergei, Miuki, Pelageia, Anjeliki, Maria, Miroslav . . . from Sofia and Plovdiv, Tokyo and Moscow, Skopje and Tbilisi, Minsk and Athens . . . do wake up the sleeping ecological conscience of the people of this planet with your art. You are stronger than generals because you have the power to touch people’s souls.”

Michail Maleev
President of The Earth and Man Foundation
to the participants of the Competition


“Music and Earth - our time does not know such a Competition. Perhaps something similar existed in Ancient Greece, where the har¬mo¬ny between Man and Nature was highly esteemed.”

Prof. Germaine Mounier, France
President of the Jury
of the First and Second Competition


“One leaves Bulgaria reassured that as long as there are those willing to do whatever is ne-cessary to release such beautiful ideals, the world for the next generations will be a more enjoyable place to live in. I thank you all for setting such a high example of human end earth.”

Prof. Solomon Mikowsky, USA
President of the Jury
of the Third Competition


   " “Unique and the only one in the World, excellent Competition. The combination with the extremely high level of the system of education in your country makes it unique. The most democratic of all the competitions.”

Prof. Yuko Yamaoka, Japan
President of the Jury
of the Fifth Competition

“I feel proud of seeing my name on the CD of high quality in which you can hear young talented interpreters and new works. I find remarkable the aims of your competition, definitely unique in the World.”

Prof. Gerard Meunier, France

" “I listened to the CD of the prize-winners, released by the “Earth and Man” Foundation. I congratulate you on this happy initiative, on the quality of your product, as well as on the choice of pieces! We would like to publish two of the recorded pieces - for solo flute and for violin and clarinet.”

Mr. Jean-Louis Jolivet
of Henry Lemoine Editions, Paris